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MEUS VIS recommends that you use only genuine Replacement Lamp Assemblies purchased directly from Mitsubishi or a Mitsubishi Authorized Dealer or Mitsubishi Authorized Service Center. MEUS VIS advises that replacement lamps obtained separately from the Lamp Cartridge and/or Lamp Assemblies obtained from unauthorized sellers may be incorrect for your television, may not fit or perform properly and may even damage your television. MEUS VIS can not be responsible for the performance, reliability or safety of any replacement lamps that are obtained from unauthorized sources.

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If your television is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty and you need to order a replacement lamp, please select the ORDER WARRANTY LAMP button above or contact Mitsubishi Parts.

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For consumer replacement parts, please click the shopping cart button above to start searching for the parts you want. This includes replacement lamps if your television is no longer under warranty coverage.

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